The Brooke ERA

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue ASDEC performs LDV on the Brooke ERA ASDEC performs something new, laser Doppler vibrometry, on something old and blue – the beautiful Brooke ERA – which was something borrowed from Tim Metcalfe. Also check out the official Brooke ERA Image Gallery for exclusive pictures of the stunning car at Read more about The Brooke ERA[…]

Improved efficiencies in Power Generation

ASDEC facilities allow improved efficiencies in Power Generation The vibration analysis equipment at ASDEC is proving valuable for the power generation industry in their drive to utilise modern and novel lightweight and composite materials for increased efficiency, in part driven by the demands of legislation. Whether it is a wind turbine or a gas turbine, Read more about Improved efficiencies in Power Generation[…]

When life gives you toast, make cheese on toast

CHEESE ON TOAST!! Typically the automotive industry makes extensive use of viscoelastic damping materials to address structure-borne vibration and radiated noise from body panels. Such damping materials are bonded to the base metal. To fully characterise the performance of such composite systems one would traditionally measure the bending properties of a carrier sample plate and Read more about When life gives you toast, make cheese on toast[…]

Laser vibrometry case study: Chladni plate

The Chladni plate experiment is an excellent instrument for illustrating the capabilities of laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV) compared with conventional accelerometer sensor methods. Ernst Chladni, a German physicist born in the 18th century, is often labelled the “father of acoustics” and is credited with the invention of the Chladni plate, from whom it takes its Read more about Laser vibrometry case study: Chladni plate[…]

Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition 2015

See us soon at the Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition 2015 where you can learn more about ASDEC and Laser Doppler Vibrometry. After their success last year, the Engineering Integrity Society (EIS) are back with the Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition 2015 and ASDEC will be there! The event will be held at: The Silverstone Wing, Silverstone Read more about Instrumentation, Analysis and Testing Exhibition 2015[…]

Register to Polytec’s Webinar

Want to learn about the technique that is continuing to revolutionise the measurement of structural vibration and shock? Polytec’s is holding an online webinar for the ‘Introduction to Non-Contact Vibration Measurement’ on February 10 2015 from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM GMT. The webinar will discuss topics such as: The concept & theory of Laser Doppler Vibrometry Read more about Register to Polytec’s Webinar[…]