ASDEC has state of the art 3D laser Doppler vibrometry equipment. At our dedicated facility within the MIRA Technology Park, this sophisticated measurement equipment is integrated with a robot control and positioning system. This enables tests involving large numbers of data points to be programmed and run at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods.

Testing on fixed structures?

When in-situ testing is required (for example, for applications involving installed process plant or vehicle dynamometer testing) we can bring our equipment to you. Using the portable 3D LDV, we are able to travel anywhere within the UK to test any product – this is mostly suitable and required for the testing of very large or fixed structures, in a running test cell or those of a confidential nature.

Laser Doppler vibrometry offers an advanced and powerful way to resolve complex engineering and design challenges. Realising the benefits requires available equipment, skill in test design, and modal analysis expertise to interpret the test data. ASDEC therefore offers levels of services to suit different industry needs.

Equipment Hire

Equipment Hire has been designed for large companies with established in-house skills in laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV), where ASDEC offers additional capacity to deal with peaks in demand through this service. Under a minimum of ASDEC supervision, this level of service allows your staff to set up and conduct testing as they would in your own test operation, but using our advanced equipment and stand-alone facility.

Data Reporting

Through the Data Reporting service level, we will provide you with the benefit of our experience as well as the technology itself; ASDEC’s engineers will work with you to help you understand the data that is needed to solve a problem, and to define a test program to obtain it. All the resulting data is then handed over to your engineers for analysis.

Data Reporting

Modal Analysis

Modal analysis level offers a complete testing and analysis service. ASDEC undertakes modal analysis on the deflection data obtained during testing to determine the root cause of the problem(s). ASDEC will then go on to identify the potential technical solutions


Leading academics for your research projects. We at ASDEC will be able to assist you with any research activities regarding laser doppler vibrometry and analysis you may have, as we are underpinned by the leading academics at the University of Leicester.

Acoustic Testing

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