High Definition Modal Testing

High Definition Modal Testing Is it all it’s Tapped Up to be? The Challenge Impact testing is one of the oldest and most versatile methods of experimental modal testing around.  It’s quick to setup, needs only basic instrumentation and can be done by one person.   So when challenged with even the most complicated structure the Read more about High Definition Modal Testing[…]

Towards improving the start of life of hearing impaired children

The Background Current advances in neonatal hearing screening techniques allow the early detection of hearing impediments in new-born babies, so that remedial actions can be taken at the earliest possible opportunity. In subjects not affected by profound deafness, the prescription of a Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aid is a cost-effective practice that enables many Read more about Towards improving the start of life of hearing impaired children[…]

Accuracy vs. Precision

Understanding Accuracy vs. Precision The words ‘accuracy’ and ‘precision’ are often used synonymously; however, as scientific terms they have different criteria, both of which need to be met to ensure an optimal measurement. Accuracy relates to the closeness of a value to its true value; quantified as the tolerance in a measurement, whereas precision relates Read more about Accuracy vs. Precision[…]

Laser vibrometry case study: Chladni plate

The Chladni plate experiment is an excellent instrument for illustrating the capabilities of laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV) compared with conventional accelerometer sensor methods. Ernst Chladni, a German physicist born in the 18th century, is often labelled the “father of acoustics” and is credited with the invention of the Chladni plate, from whom it takes its Read more about Laser vibrometry case study: Chladni plate[…]