There are several benefits of using laser Doppler vibrometry (LDV). LDV offers benefits of both performance and efficiency, compared to the established alternative, accelerometer sensors. These features and benefits are:

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Lower Cost, Faster Testing, & Finer Designs

Reduced time to market. Data is collected and interpreted within hours, which allows more iterations to be tested. Important decisions can then be made sooner in the development cycle.  CAE/FEA models can be updated based on experimental data improving the next design phase. Valuable testing and measuring of models or prototypes before finalising a design, ensuring there is no unwanted vibration – producing finer designs and a greater product for customers.

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Non-Contact / Non-Destructive Testing

Industries can benefit from ASDEC’s ability to characterise structures large or small. The large scale usage of extremely lightweight materials and composites has given engineers a headache when it comes to their modal measurement without introducing side-effects from attaching instrumentation. These issues are completely resolved through non-contact techniques such as laser vibrometry.

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Greater Accuracy & Precision

LDV works by aiming light at the vibrating subject, and studying the returned beam. Therefore there is no observer effect on even the lightest material where the mass of the accelerometers and cables alter the structural characteristics of the test object.

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Greater Resolution

Our 3D scanning laser vibrometer is fully automatic & manoeuvrable with a robot, allowing the measurement of a very large number of data points. This would be unrealistic with traditional vibration measurements. Tests can be accurately repeated quickly and simply with any required variations, allowing rapid iterations of product configurations.

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