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EIS – Instrumentation, Analysis & Testing Exhibition

Instrumentation, Analysis & Testing Exhibition The Silverstone Wing, Silverstone Race Track 14 March 2017 10am – 4pm Come and visit us at Table 23! ASDEC is the UK’s first commercial 3D vibration consultancy and modal analysis centre based upon advanced, non-contact laser Doppler vibrometry measurements. Our Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH) measurement facility can achieve Read more about EIS – Instrumentation, Analysis & Testing Exhibition[…]

Automotive – Accelerometers Vs ASDEC RoboVib

At ASDEC we are frequently asked “How accurate is it?”  This sounds a simple question, but it quickly becomes a complicated subject when you start looking into it.  Our first response is to ask a question of our own. “How do you define accuracy?” This is a subject we have touched upon in a previous Read more about Automotive – Accelerometers Vs ASDEC RoboVib[…]

Space Industry Networking Event

Events, Events and more Events.

In the past 2 months we have organised a Space Industry Networking Event in partnership with RAL Space and attended the Automotive Testing Show & Expo at Millbrook. Both of these Events have been great ways to provide people with information on current technologies and show our laser Doppler vibrometers in action. We provided multiple Read more about Events, Events and more Events.[…]

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EIS – Structural Dynamics in a World Where Weight Reduction Matters

Workshop on Structural Dynamics in a World Where Weight Reduction Matters AMRC, Sheffield 7 February 2017 With the rapid rate technology is advancing, it has now become common to use Computer Aided Design to calculate the properties of materials used within a product. This event is a learning opportunity to gain knowledge from leading experts and Read more about EIS – Structural Dynamics in a World Where Weight Reduction Matters[…]

Tis the season to be jolly!

It's Christmas! Now that it’s Christmas, what better way for us to celebrate than undertake a modal analysis on something Christmas related! Last year we did Bells. This year Baubles! So what is a Bauble? It’s a combination of French and English words. Baubel – Playful toy for children Babyll – Something swinging back and forth Time to Read more about Tis the season to be jolly![…]