14th February 2017



Laser Doppler vibrometry provides detailed diagnostics for Bio-Medical applications. This state-of-the-art non-contact measuring equipment has been used in several areas such as medical implants, hearing aids, bio-mechanics etc.

We at ASDEC can help in the following

Eardrum response
Bone modelling
Ultrasonic transducer
Development of medical nanobots
Ultrasonic Dental equipment
Medical component quality analysis
Measurement of Physiology & Bio-metrics
Structural response of biomechanical components

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See the analysis of some of the Bio-medical equipment below.

These products range from having the capacity to use ultrasonic waves to having strong magnetic fields.

Ultrasonic Testing

Imperfections and defects in a material can be highlighted by monitoring the propagation of ultrasonic shear waves across the surface. The waves are reflected at inconsistencies or breaks in the material.

Ultrasonic Testing

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Laser Doppler vibrometry is an essential tool for visualising the characteristics of medical instruments. We can identify and measure the surface of liquid, light and very small structures. Our non-contact & non-destructive testing method will not affect the properties of the structure being measured.

ASDEC has teamed up with the Clinical Audiology and the Department of Technology, De Montfort University, to explore an alternative way of verifying the fitting of hearing aids, through contactless Laser Doppler Vibrometry (LDV). The key idea is that by measuring the vibrational response of the tympanic membrane using a LDV, the effectiveness of the hearing aid over its working frequency range can be determined. Since LDV is a stand-off measurement technique, there is no requirement for inserting a microphone probe inside the ear canal, making this technique intrinsically safe for use on children and young patients.

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