3rd November 2016


Automotive – Traditional Impact Modal Vs ASDEC Modal

ASDEC provides vibration measurement and modal analysis services to the automotive industry and component makers across the industry. The technology has numerous applications including brake squeal, powertrain, body in white (BIW) modal test and drive-by noise; noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH); and computer-aided engineering (CAE) model validation. ASDEC is sited in the heart of the UK automotive industry, which is located at The MIRA Technology Park whose test and engineering facilities make this an ideal location

Impact Modal Vs Laser Doppler Vibrometry Modal

Visualise the difference in information obtained through these tests!

Automotive modal testing can be a long process. A 50-point traditional model can take 2 days to measure, however at ASDEC we use our Laser Doppler Vibrometry (LDV) system to measure 1000 points in hours! ASDECs system provides a faster life-cycle, reduced costs and can help produce better products.

Nissan Leaf
Crankshaft Tap Testing Modal

Impact modal – 70 Points Time taken – 2 Days

Crankshaft LDV Modal

ASDEC modal – 1000 points Time taken – 6 Hours

50 Point Vs 1000 Point

Attaching the lasers onto the KUKA robot allows ASDEC to perform a 1000 point modal analysis in a very short amount of time. The extra detail that we can provide to the client can save many hours of re-development and will ensure that the product will be optimised for Noise, Vibration and Harshness.
50 Point Modal

50 point modal

1000 Point Modal

ASDEC 1000 point modal