4th November 2016



3D laser Doppler vibrometry is used intensively by major aerospace engine manufacturers and also has applications in airframe and systems design.

In need of measuring an object at high temperatures? Or a large structure? Let us help!

Laser Doppler vibrometers have the ability to measure vibration at a distance and to study effects at high temperature making it powerful for engine applications, while the avoidance of transducer mass and the ability to measure huge numbers of data points is immensely valuable in wings and other large, light structures.

Turbine Blade

The vibration analysis equipment at ASDEC is proving valuable for the power generation industry in their drive to utilise modern and novel lightweight and composite materials for increased efficiency, in part driven by the demands of legislation. Whether it is a wind turbine or a gas turbine, knowledge of the structural dynamics of the machine is critical in achieving optimum efficiency and in ensuring lifetime reliability in service.

Blade Scan Modal
Blade Scan Modal
turbine blade data

Technical Specalist of ASDEC, Martin Cockrill says:

“By offering the capability of CAE and FE correlation with highly detailed experimental structural dynamics analysis we support our customers in improving their design process and reducing costs. Physical test is expensive but essential, however by providing our customers with more accurate virtual models they can run more design cycles at low cost through simulation leading to fewer physical prototypes.”

ASDEC is also able to study structural dynamics of critical components where local effects

We understand that our clients need to ensure the safety of their consumers and for this reason we are able to examine and analyse the structural dynamics of critical components where welding or forming must be precisely understood to ensure safety and longevity in service.