The Final Team


Meet The Team


Martin Cockrill

NVH Specialist

Leads ASDEC’s measurement work, an expert in acoustics and vibration with over 20 years in the automotive industry.
he is ideally placed to understand the measurement and testing needs of ASDEC’s customers. He holds a degree in Acoustics and Vibration from Southampton University.

Chris Howe

Business Development

Chris works with new business focusing on UK and European grant funding.
Chris studied Physics at University before his previous career in the Royal Air Force as both an Operational Pilot and Trainer, Chris was also a subject matter expert for equipment development.

Moira Cooper

Finance & Quality Officer

Moira has 30 years commercial management and administrative experience, with both large multinational companies and SMEs.
She is able to offer the team and the customer the best care and attention when dealing with ASDEC.

Max Chowanietz

NVH Engineer

Max has an honours degree in Engineering from The University of Leicester and industrial experience working with Toyota Motor Corp. in Asia.
Max’s role is to support the management team and technical experts in undertaking measurements and developing computer modelling and simulation techniques to meet the needs of ASDEC’s customers.

David Baldwin


David has gained experience in working with many, diverse sections of the engineering industry.
With experience encompassing IT and electro-mechanical peripherals gained in frontline support, joining the brake refinement team at JLR, and having worked with a range of small businesses and his previous experience with Polytec’s PSV500 Vibrometry System further contributes to the team’s flexibility.