Tis the season to be jolly!

It's Christmas!

Now that it’s Christmas, what better way for us to celebrate than undertake a modal analysis on something Christmas related!

Last year we did Bells. This year Baubles!

So what is a Bauble? It’s a combination of French and English words.
Baubel – Playful toy for children
Babyll – Something swinging back and forth

Time to run a scan! Using the laser Doppler vibrometry system we can get some amazing information relating to Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH).

bauble scan


bauble scan


Bauble- Long exposure

Long exposure shot

Now that we’ve scanned it we are able to extrapolate the data and get the modal analysis of the Bauble. Ever wondered how your bauble reacts at different frequencies? Down below you can see the different modes which have occurred over a range of frequencies.

Now it seems more like a Babyll (something swinging back and forth) rather than a Bauble.

Bauble Modal Data
Bauble Modal Data
Bauble Modal Data

How can this help?

With the help of our expert engineers we can analyse the data and understand how the object reacts at different frequencies. This information can greatly improve the structural dynamics of a product. If a product consists of an object which generates a frequency that aligns with the natural frequency of the material, this can cause the product to fail. Here at ASDEC we can analyse the product and recommend reliable solutions which can ensure the product is a success.