Events, Events and more Events.

In the past 2 months we have organised a Space Industry Networking Event in partnership with RAL Space and attended the Automotive Testing Show & Expo at Millbrook.

Both of these Events have been great ways to provide people with information on current technologies and show our laser Doppler vibrometers in action. We provided multiple experiments for everyone to see.

Below you can see pictures of our Mylar Balloon experiment & testing in a vacuum experiment.

The Mylar Balloon experiment shows how we can analyse a lightweight product using our LDV system. What are the advantages of LDV in this situation? Due to LDV being a non-contact testing method, we are able to gather the data without affecting the objects properties. Read more about it here.

Here we place an alarm within a vacuum. Using our LDV system we were able to test the vibration of the alarm through the glass vacuum. This is a brilliant way to test objects which are in areas where accelerometers cannot be placed.

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Space Industry Networking Event! Another big thank you to Millbrook and Automotive Media Group for hosting the Automotive Testing Show!

Gallery page: Space Industry networking event