The debate: What are the challenges facing the engineering sector?

We answer the debate:

‘What are the challenges facing the engineering sector?’


“Whether your product generates vibration or is vibrated by external influences, ASDEC can benefit you.

Understanding structural dynamics can help in many ways, from improving performance to reducing warranty claims.

Our unique facility provides advanced structural dynamics, vibration and acoustic consultancy services. We link our systems with state-of-the-art computer modelling correlation which enables us to improve your whole product development lifecycle. We can help you reduce unwanted vibration or tune desirable vibration all with the aim of engineering the best possible performance in your product.

Combining the accuracy of lasers with the speed and precision of robots the ASDEC system is independent of material properties, condition and temperature. We bring detailed understanding to products from the lightest advanced satellite to heavy industrial machines. We can provide detailed information orders of magnitude higher than traditional techniques in significantly shorter timescales.”

Tim Stubbs General manager, ASDEC

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