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Unwanted vibrations…

It is a given that high fidelity audio starts with the best quality audio source. Unwanted vibration is the enemy of achieving this nirvana. This unwanted vibration can be from external influences such as the loudspeakers in the room or from internal structural resonances in your product. The effect of these is to colour the reproduced sound rather than delivering accurately on the recording engineer’s vision.

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Many components in high quality audio sources are extremely small and lightweight.

We can undertake detailed structural testing on components as small as styli and CD laser heads, allowing you to control the structural response that governs the reproduced sound.


[googlefont font=”cambria” size=”20px” margin=”10px 0 20px 0″]“Have you ever wished you could characterise the dynamic performance of the smallest items in your product to achieve a market leading advantage?”[/googlefont]

How the Turntables have turned

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We can also look at the bigger picture to understand how the whole system operates together. Engineering the combination of stylus, cartridge, arm, plinth and turntable for example and correlating the electrical output to the source input ensuring only the desired signal is delivered to the amplifier. How the audio source is mounted in the listening space is critical to reducing external effects of vibration.

ASDEC can support your development engineers to ensure that whatever your customers are listening to it is the pure sound they hear. We can work with you either in our lab or yours to develop the vibration reduction systems required to keep the audio source delivering the highest fidelity.

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