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The listener’s ears are the last link in the audio chain. Unfortunately as a loudspeaker manufacturer you cannot engineer these. The last step that you have control over is the development of the loudspeaker system to ensure that it faithfully reproduces the signal delivered from the amplifiers. The acoustic and structural responses of the cones, cavities, ports and cabinets all work together to deliver a sound stage that mirrors the original artist in the studio. Modern lightweight composite materials can deliver significant advantages to you as a loudspeaker manufacturer, however they also deliver testing and development headaches.

[googlefont font=”Georgia” size=”20px” margin=”10px 0 20px 0″]“How do you measure the structural response when the mass of the accelerometer affects the dynamic system?”[/googlefont]

[googlefont font=”Georgia” size=”20px” margin=”10px 0 20px 0″]“Can you assess your systems in enough detail to see the effect of inconsistent bonding?”[/googlefont]

Hi Res version available from media contact

ASDEC can answer both questions and many more with our 3D scanning laser vibrometry system. We can measure vibration on an individual speaker cone; even the smallest and lightest modern tweeter. We can also measure a whole loudspeaker covering cabinet, ports and driver units, either in our lab or yours. We can provide thousands of measurements over the system giving unprecedented levels of detail and we can do this in extremely short timescales.

By delivering greater insight into your product ASDEC helps you to deliver better products to your customers.

Please contact us to find out more about our services and how we can benefit you.

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