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Laser Doppler vibrometry

The newest and most effective way to measure vibration is now using laser Doppler vibrometry.

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The Advantages

Here at ASDEC we can measure small, large and complex structures made from any material. We provide results quickly and efficiently as our LDV system can rake multiple readings per second.

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ASDEC’s facility is located at the MIRA Technology Park site near Nuneaton the ‘Engineering Heartland’ of the UK.

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The UK's first commercial 3D laser (non-contact) laser measurement and modal analysis centre

“ASDEC’s advanced structural dynamics testing & analysis capabilities support engineers in all industries. This world leading vibration testing, analysis and engineering can be achieved quicker and with more detail using our state-of-the-art LDV compared with traditional methods. Our customers benefit from this by reducing development lifecycles & obtaining a greater insight into their products.”


ASDEC has state of the art 3D laser vibrometry equipment. At our dedicated facility within the MIRA Technology Park, this sophisticated measurement equipment is integrated with a robot control and positioning system. This enables tests involving large numbers of data points to be programmed and run at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods

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